Address by Chairman of BOD

       Baogang lies in Baotou City which is the join hub of north part and northwest part of China as well as the bridgehead of Western Development.

         As one of three iron and stee1 industry bases in the period of founding of our country, Baogang was the only one that is an important iron and steel industry base and the largest rare earth base of researching and producting in China, and was constructed and developed without any base of industry.

         Baogang will adapt for the need of global economic integration and WTO, participate in Western Development positively, and develop together with local economics rapidly. Study, opening, cooperation and both winning are our cardinal principles and needs for development.

         We will study and use all advanced management and rules. We need advanced equipments and technology, and we need advance enterprise culture more. Building a study style enterprise and training study style stuff is the way of Baogang to innovate and develop.

          We will open to outside deeply and widely. With the development of state, local and profession, Baogang will open gate, remove obstacles and accomplish to share resources together.

         We will cooperate with others in multi--styles. With the principle of reciprocal and mutually advantageous, we can cooperate in strategic research, technological development, fund, intelligence and projects.

         We believe that both winning is the foundation of cooperation. The best global disposition of resources is to share the benefit together. Cooperation is interactive, and competition is successive.

         Cooperation is the competition on the high level foundation, and both winning is the final purpose.

          We will take the chance of strategy of first 20 years in the 21th century, advance the process of new industry, and build a stronger and successful enterprise for our country and people. We will do our best for our country being a strong one in iron and steel industry.



Add: Hexi Industrial Park,
Kun District, Baotou City,
Inner Mongolia, China

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